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A Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Healthy Recipes and Lifestyle Tips

Registered nurses and therapists can be instrumental in helping patients eat well, exercise and reap the benefits of better sleep, more energy and less stress. But sometimes it’s challenging to follow your own advice! American Traveler wants to help you work well — and live well — with healthy cooking ideas and recipes that take you through breakfast, lunch and dinner — even dessert. Get fitness insights and find the motivation  to stick to the right plan for you!

Why Healthcare Professionals Benefit from Tips on American Traveler’s Healthy Careers

When the word “health” is part of your job description, it’s important to practice what you preach. Who knows? You may just lead your patients by example.

View healthy recipe submissions and winners. The recipes  are quick and easy to make, nutritious, and require only a few ingredients.

It’s On! Announcing our Recipe Contest!

contestSubmit a healthy and delicious recipe; watch for it to appear on our Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more… tell your friends to make it and “like it”, and you’ll have a chance at winning a $200 gift certificate from American Express!
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healthy dinner Did you know you can cook a healthy and satisfying meal in the time it takes to order take-out? A nursing career that entails hectic 12-hours shifts may lead to poor habits, interrupted circadian rhythms and hormones levels, disrupted digestive systems, and weight gain. The healthy recipes in Healthy Careers are mindful of this, and designed to be made with ease.
fitnessWith a little planning, nursing careers gel well with a daily fitness program! Finding the time to exercise can be difficult during a busy nursing career; that’s why Healthy Careers connects you to a network of like-minded individuals who share healthy lifestyle tips, including flexibility, cardiovascular and strength training into a daily routine.