RN Jobs in Bike-Friendly Cities

Cycling is Great for You and Great for the Planet

For every healthcare professional who loves to get outside and bike to work, there is good news coming out of NACTO, the “National Association of City Transportation Officials”. NACTO’s “Cities for Cycling” initiative has been going strong for years now, promoting and implementing the world’s best bicycle transportation practices in metropolitan cities.

Chances are, registered nurses working in top tier zip codes already live close to work; however, NACTO lessens the need for a car even more—with something any environmentally minded and physically fit healthcare professional will love: pathways inspired by an “Urban Bikeway Design Guide” that uses innovative bikeway treatments from around the United States.

So which U.S. cities are enabling NACTO’s vision for the future of transportation?

  • Working nurses in Minneapolis, Minnesota can look forward to a 30-miles-long bike path through the Twin Cities by the year 2020. The earth-friendly goal to put more people on the road than cars is nothing new, though. NACTO is hosting its 4th annual Designing Cities Conference in Austin Texas, October 2015.
  • Portland, Oregon New York City, Boston and San Francisco are just a few of the major cities proud to bill themselves as part of the “Cities for Cycling” initiative. These top American destinations are favorite stomping grounds of travel nurses, and offer no shortage of high paying nursing jobs.

You don’t have to be a physical therapist to know that bicycling is a great way to get in the prescribed daily 30+ minutes of exercise.

Healthcare professionals lucky enough to live, work and/or travel to a city that participates in “Cities for Cycling” will experience a world-class transportation system that increases healthy heart rates and decreases CO2 emissions. Safer traffic conditions are also expected to come of NACTO’s quest. Because the streets of the nation’s largest cities comprise more than 80% of public space, and too often fail to provide their surrounding communities with a space where people can safely walk, ride bikes or socialize, NACTO is taking action! If you want to learn more about how “Cities for Cycling” plans to change the world by designing 21st century streets, check out their video—and travel nurse jobs—today!

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