Nurse - Heal Thyself

According to the American Nurses Association, research shows that nurses are more likely to be above the ideal BMI, have higher levels of stress, and get less sleep than the average American. The Pandemic has multiplied that many times over. Levels of PTSD among the profession are skyrocketing and career burnout is at an all time high.

We all know that nurses need to take care of themselves in order to deliver the best possible care to others.

Six pillars of health from the ANA:

  • Mental Health - Coping skills, resilience, mood, stress
  • Activity - Exercise, daily movement, cardio, mobility, strength
  • Rest - sleep and restorative practices like meditation
  • Nutrition - Quality, quantity, and timing of food
  • Quality of Life - Community, family, play, joy
  • Safety - Feeling secure at home, at work, out and about

You may choose to join one (or several) of their Healthy Nurse Challenges. Focusing on small changes can lead to big benefits and modest beginnings make any project seem manageable.

Whether you're a travel nurse, a staff nurse or even a nursing student, setting yourself up for success with a healthy lifestyle is something you absolutely deserve.

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