National Nurses Week Tips: Be Happy & Healthy

Be a Happier and Healthier RN During National Nurses Week and Year Round!

During National Nurses Week, happening now through May 12th, RNs are recognized for the good they do, and educated as well as encouraged to keep on doing it. They are credited with “leading the way” and “transforming healthcare”. To keep pace with technology, healthcare reform and a changing patient population, resources like ANA provide registered nurses with a free webinar and press kit.  ANA also stresses the year-round importance of taking proper care of YOU, creating a healthy work-life balance that ensures the ability to care for patients, too.

Healthy lifestyle initiatives among registered nurses are so important to ANA that they recently launched the Healthy Nurse™ program. The good habits ANA espouses are also important to Healthy Careers, spanning healthy lifestyle choices like living tobacco free, taking advantage of preventive immunizations, eating nutritiously and maintaining a healthy weight. This relatively new program also educates RNs on bullying and violence in the workplace. Additionally, and yet another important category ANA delves into are the dangers of sleep deprivation—which increases the risk of car accidents, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Tips from ANA that America’s 3.1 Million Nurses Will Want to Sleep On ...

  • Try for 7 Hours of Sleep a Day: A **study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania confirmed what most of us have long suspected: Adequate sleep heightens positivity and alertness, improves judgment and makes learning easier. Findings also indicated that RNs who slept less than seven hours in a 24-hour period, struggled to stay awake on their shifts, which poses a genuine threat to patient safety.
  • The 4 fundamentals of better sleep include: (1) No smoking! (2) A consistent bed-time (3) Caffeine and/or alcohol in moderation and never prior to bedtime (4) At least 30 minutes of heart-pumping exercise earlier in the day.

Perfect Your Work-Life Balance by Choosing Your Nursing Career Path Carefully, Seeking the Right Tools Along the Way!

There is no better time than National Nurses Week to recognize our RNs as the role models, educators and patient advocates that new frontiers in healthcare demand from the true pioneers—and those would be the nurses! RNs working with a top-rated rated healthcare staffing agency  are lock step with everything ANA advocates in their Healthy Nurse program, by offering flexible travel nursing jobs that let healthcare professionals skip the overtime, burnout and fatigue.

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**The resources at the American Association of Nurses are a veritable toolkit that makes the nursing career path ever so smooth! ANA offers links to the CDC’s guidelines on everything from cancer screenings, physical activity and nutrition, to handy OSHA and EPA information intended for healthcare professionals.  Take the Healthy Nurse Survey, a health risk appraisal that ANA is conducting in conjunction with Pfizer. It only takes about 20 minutes and covers a lot of ground, from nursing demographics, to work environment, health, safety and wellness. Happy National Nurses Week everyone!

**The sleep study information cites in this blog came from: “Healthy Caregivers are Important to Your Healthcare,” and ANA’s links provided by its Healthy Nurse Program.
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