Join the “National Ovarian Cancer Coalition”

During the month of September, healthcare professionals will see blue awareness ribbons making their annual comeback on the floors of oncology units and medical facilities across America; that’s because it’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. It’s an important entry to make on your healthy lifestyles calendar. With enough money raised, preventive information, and treatment options, we can work together to lessen the number of patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year: over 22,000 according to findings cited at the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

Please take the time to visit the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) online. Here you can find local chapter information, ways to donate, inspirational stories, fund raising information and other resources that save lives. A great first step is to find sponsored upcoming walks close to your travel nursing job.

Whether your concern is for your family, yourself or your patients, this is a great month to remind yourself that tools like the Ovarian cancer symptom diary app benefit everyone. After all, part of working in, and embodying healthy careers is to prevent, detect and treat all forms of cancer before it’s too late. Please be sure to spread the word about National Ovarian Cancer Month!

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