Healthy Recipes Use Lots of Olive Oil!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Find the Health Benefits Present in Every Bottle and Learn how to Whip it Into Two Delicious Salad Dressings!

Into the life of all healthy careers, a little olive oil must fall. Scratch that: LOTS of olive oil! Preferable to butter because of its monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), extra virgin olive oil—or first press olive oil—is what every home cook ought to be using. MUFAs are actually considered a healthy dietary fat and may help lower your risk of heart disease.  Beyond that, it’s a wonderful base for healthy salad dressings, with rich flavors that elevate a simple salad into one of the tastiest and freshest lunches one can have.

If you’re a busy healthcare professional and come home in need of a recharge, treating yourself to a big bowl of salad, mixed with a hand-shaken blend of Healthy Careers’ Italian Dressing may be just what the doctor ordered. Do try this recipe, along with our special dressing creation: Magical Mediterranean.

Why Use an Olive Oil Based Dressing?

These days, nurses and nutritionists alike are buzzing about the health benefits of a high protein, Omega-3 fats diet, present in what Greeks have eaten for millennia. Before you get going tossing and chopping your salad, use this tip: peel a clove of garlic, chop the tip off, and use it like a flavor applicator along the sides and bottom of your salad bowl, so that once the salad leaves are tossed, they carry the fresh aroma and taste of garlic; this tactic works best in a wooden bowl and has been used in European bistros for years—do this with a smile when you consider the following health benefits.

Nutritionists know that MUFAs may:

  • Lower your total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels
  • Help normalize blood clotting.
  • May benefit insulin levels and blood sugar control, which helps if you have type 2 diabetes.

Cooks know that the best way to store olive oil…

  • Is in a dark, room-temperature cupboard, or even in the refrigerator
  • You must be aware that heat, light and air can affect its taste and possibly its health-promoting nutrients. The fats and healthy phytonutrients in olive oil — as well as the taste — can slowly degrade over time.
  • Use your bottle of olive oil within a year or within six months of opening it.

So get your healthy recipes going, and embark on those therapy and nursing careers firing on all cylinders. Remember that enjoying a big bowl of greens each day satisfies almost everything on your daily checklist for perfect nutrition.

*Health information for this blog post was taken from the Mayo Clinic’s report on the health benefits of olive oil.

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