Healthcare Staff's Holiday Survival Guide

Dining and Culinary Tips for a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving!

When healthcare professionals come to the table, they’re just like anyone else on Thanksgiving Day—eager to savor all the holiday flavors that have a tendency to run high in sugar, fat and calories.  It doesn’t have to be that way; with the help of a few tips, paired with Healthy Careers recipes, like Green Bean Casserole the Healthy Way and Guiltless Cranberry Sauce, you can expect a nutritious, delicious holiday season!

Talking Turkey on Dining Tips: Over the holidays, the emphasis should be on weight maintenance, not weight loss. These are just a few more dining incentives for a healthy, yet indulgent dinner.

  • Dining tip #1: Start your day with a small but satisfying breakfast! A meal high in protein and fiber takes the edge off your appetite later in the day.
  • Dining tip #2:  Lengthen your fitness routine in the week(s) leading up to the big day. A longer fitness session creates a calorie deficit that lets you indulge more.
  • Dining tip #3: Drink sparkling water in place of alcohol; its carbonation cleanses your palate between each bite—plus it’s got 0 calories whereas as alcoholic beverages have a lot!
  • Dining tip #4: Put your fork down between bites. This helps you savor the individual flavors of all your favorites, stretching things out so you’re less likely to go for seconds.
  • Dining Tip #5: Take a tour first. Then load your plate. Your best laid plan for sensible eating is to have a good look at what’s available first, and then start loading up on a higher veggie/lower meats ratio.
  • Dining Tip #6: Use a smaller dinner plate, one that is no more than 10 inches in diameter. Since the size of dinnerware has increased (to an average of 12 inches) and America’s obesity epidemic right along with it, using a salad plate for dinner is recommended. Studies show you’ll consume less this way!

Cooking with Care Culinary Tips: Culinary tips abound this holiday season, and include advice from the Mayo Clinic, offering a Roasted Turkey with Balsamic Brown Sugar Sauce recipe. Here are some other things you can do to trim more than just that turkey this holiday season!

  • Culinary tip #1: Substitute plain yogurt or fat-free sour cream in creamy dips, mashed potatoes, and casseroles.
  • Culinary Tip #2: Refrigerate pan juices and skim the fat off before making gravy, saving over 50 grams of fat per cup.
  • Culinary Tip #3: Dust off your pumpkin pie recipe. A slice of pumpkin pie has half the calories of pecan and other pie favorites.
  • Culinary tip #4: Reduce oil and butter wherever you can. According to the ADA, five tablespoons of butter (in a recipe), can be reduced to two tablespoons by replacing the other three with apple sauce.
  • Culinary tip #5: Use spices over salt and other less virtuous toppings. For example: Fresh dill sprinkled over your vegetables beats out butter and salt every time.
  • Culinary tip #6: Use more Chicken or Vegetable stock! It’s a great tool for cutting fat and works well for basting your turkey. You can also use fat-free chicken broth in your gravy, sauteéing more veggies and less bread and flour, for a thicker more savory sauce.

May All Healthcare Professionals Eat and Live Well This Thanksgiving!

May you have a sizzling, sparkling and pure holiday season that leads you into the New Year with a happy heart!  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone—here’s to wishing you a fulfilling experience in all your travel nursing jobs and allied therapy jobs in all 50 U.S. States!

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