Happy September! It’s National Yoga Month!

Did you know that the month of September has been designated “National Yoga Month” by the Department of Health & Human Services?  The movement began in 2011. Yoga Month may be a grass roots campaign in its early stages, but it’s catching on fast. And that’s no surprise, considering that people—particularly healthcare professionals—recognize yoga’s importance and health benefits.

Physical therapists know that yoga shares common goals with therapy, which is to enhance strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Nurses recognize yoga as a great way for heart disease or stroke prone patients to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and resting heart rates, as well as help slow the progression of atherosclerosis; R.N.s can read about this study from the Columbia University's Integrative Medicine Program and find it commensurate with what the Mayo Clinic says about yoga.

If you’re completely new to yoga and looking for the right place to start, look into hatha yoga; it offers gentle, basic classes—a great way to learn beginner’s poses, go-at-your-own pace stretching exercises and simple breathing techniques. A calm and balanced mind is much easier to come by if you nourish your body properly, so Healthy Careers hopes you will visit all our links providing healthy recipes and fitness tips.

Find Out about Free Introductory Classes close to Travel Nursing Jobs

Use this month as a starting point to learn more about a practice that has been valued for millennia!  Visit the Yoga Health Foundation online and take advantage of a week of free classes, offered in over 20,000 yoga centers across the United States.  Throughout September yoga studios and centers across the country are participating in this movement; just register you name and location online, and print a card that lets you try out a class for free. Interested travel nurses and therapists can click on this One Week Free Yoga link to find a class nearby.  On the last day of the month, September 30, there will be a global awareness for yoga at 7pm local time, so follow the site for information that will allow you to tune in and initiate a time for calm and well-being in your life.

Namaste, nurses and therapists!

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