Five Healthy Career Tips for Living Longer

Taking control of your health is something registered nurses and therapists impress upon their patients every day. The idea is that if we can remain healthy and independent for as long as we can, we stave off or eliminate altogether, the possibility of going to a nursing home or leaning on relatives in our old age. By incorporating these tips into our daily lives, we stand the chance of living independently and perhaps to 100 or more!

  • Tip #1: Improve and Maintain Your Balance! Because falls are the leading cause of injury among people age 65 and up, it’s important to maintain good balancing skills NOW! Suggestions include single-leg standing exercises. Try F, or Hatha Yoga Classes, and practice shifting your weight from side to side. Physical therapists agree that other things you can do to work on your balance are walking faster and stepping over objects in your path.
  • Tip #2: Slow Down Aging with Daily Exercise. Studies show that exercise may benefit the body on a deep cellular level, showing that steady doses of fitness can change the way DNA behaves—for the better. For example, a single 20-minute workout appears to tune-up your DNA, allowing muscles to work better and more efficiently.
  • Tip #3: Find an Excuse to Try a Healthy Recipe Every Day. Saving money and being in complete control of what goes into your body and how much, are excuse enough to learn how to prepare healthy recipes. By incorporating at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies into your daily diet, you reap the cancer fighting, heart healthy benefits of the Five-A-Day-Program—something every registered nurse should be familiar with!
  • Tip #4: Be Proactive, Take Charge of Your Own Healthcare and Get an Annual Physical. Following the Do’s and Don’t's of smarter eating is your best defense against diseases and illness, but that is not enough,: get that at your annual physical. Make sure you schedule that, plus blood work.
  • Tip #5: Exercise your Mind. A nimble mind is every bit as important as a nimble body. Keeping your brain active may help to prevent cognitive decline and memory problems, so try a Sudoku or puzzles—any game or enterprise that is a variation of your habits or existing knowledge sharpens the mind.

Healthy Careers is Asking You to…

Remember that maintaining good health and preventing disease and disability are a matter of following a healthy diet and exercising regularly.  In healthcare careers, R.N.s and therapists have made a habit of looking after other people. But don’t forget to take care of you, too! Eventually, the practice becomes second nature, and your friends and family will want to take their cues from you and join in! Healthy Careers and all its wisdom is waiting to welcome you all!

Footnote: Information for this blog was taken from the following articles: Exercise is Healthy but Does It Make You Live Longer, Ideal Fitness Balance Exercises and a post on medication compliance from CNN.

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