Best Containers for Home-Prepped Meals

For those of us who choose to pack a lunch to go, finding containers that actually keep food contained can be a challenge. Because RNs have enough in their nurse bags already, we recommend lightweight materials like plastic for portability. Look for BPA-free containers, for extra quality control. Here's our personal picks for the best and worst.

Worst (we've all done it):

  • Plastic grocery bags. They're convenient, but wrong on so many levels.
  • The to-go box from last night's restaurant dinner.
  • Fold over sandwich bag or paper towel. Hope springs eternal.

Best Food Containers

  • For liquids like soups or stews, anything with a screw-on lid is likely to be spillproof. An insulated vessel will keep your food hot or cold.
  • Containers that seal with a rubber gasket start out air-tight, but can wear out with repeated use and become hard to close. Wash and dry these by hand.
  • These green-lidded lunch kit containers from are surprisingly effective. Dishwasher safe.
  • An even more value-oriented option: these red-lidded storage containers.
Now that you've got all your soup, sandwiches, and snacks neatly stowed away, what are you going to carry them in? If there's a travel nursing job in your future, we recommend packing insulated containers like these. Look for models that provide some additional protection from leaks, and will keep your meals cold if needed. We also like throwing in a portable ice block to keep things nice and fresh.
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