5 Healthy Tips: Make 2014 the Best Year Yet

A brand new year is underway, and many find their resolutions a challenge to keep. The good news is these tips are incredibly easy to incorporate into a healthcare professional’s busy lifestyle. Some of these things may seem obvious, yet in the hustle and bustle of a challenging nursing career can be easily overlooked. This is a refresher course, presented in 5 easy (daily!) tips that increase longevity and well-being.

  • Pack in an extra 10 minutes of physical activity a day: In therapy and R.N. jobs, opportunities abound for short spurts of exercise. Exercising a minimum of 30 minutes a day is ideal, but for those who are still aspiring, starting small works best. Begin by finding a new physical activity that can be done daily, in a short spurt of 10 minutes, like strength training; this revives energy, increases bone strength and speeds up your metabolism. Click on four strength training exercises you can do outside of a gym, in downtime from busy healthcare careers.
  • Cook more to cut salt and sugar intake: Nurses know that some things should be taken without the grain of salt; restrict your sodium intake to no more than 6 grams a day, to keep blood pressure in check and avoid water retention. When you skip processed foods in favor of fresh, wholesome meals, you’re drastically cutting sugar, sodium, saturated fat and extra calories. As a home chef, you control the content/amounts of everything you eat and have a huge volume of healthy recipes to choose from, using the Healthy Careers site.
  • Look after your oral health: The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing twice a day and flossing no less than once daily. Supplementing this regime with an ADA-approved antimicrobial mouthwash also offers powerful protection for your mouth, the health of which is important to heart health. Check out Oral Hygiene 101 to see if you’re on the right track.
  • Wear sunscreen everyday: Dermatologists are among the fray of healthcare professionals who will attest that no matter the season, it’s best to wear sunscreen every day; it cuts down on brown spots, skin discoloration, wrinkles and, above all, skin cancer. A study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine discovered that people who regularly use sun screen showed less aging in their skin than those who don’t.
  • Adopt a Plant-Based Diet: Better skin, increased fiber and nutrients that improve things like vision, including a lowered risk of heart disease and diabetes are among the reasons that people choose a plant-based diet. For those that like their meat, a plant-based diet is reassuring because it does allow for fish and lean meats.

Resolve to Have the Best Year Yet, In Your Healthcare Career and Beyond!

Healthy careers revolve around a nutritious diet, chocked full of super foods, fresh air and plenty of exercise. Look for a continuation of this important topic in an upcoming blog on “7 reasons to adopt a plant-based diet”, appearing here, in the next couple of weeks. Here’s to hoping you take excellent care of yourself this year and every year thereafter—wishing you, colleagues, friends and patients the best year yet, and good health and happiness for decades to come!

**Facts for this article were taken from a U.S. News & World Report article on the health benefits associated with a plant-based diet.

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