10 Super Foods with Handy Cooking Tips

Nurses and Therapists Are Going Health Nuts!

Detoxifying with an all-natural diet sounds like a chemistry class: allocin, quercetin, lignans and polyphenol antioxidants—these are the chief components in ridding the human body of inflammation and damaging free radicals. Foods loaded with antioxidants help your liver flush out toxins like prescription drugs, pesticides and alcohol—a complicated biological process that amounts to a very simple grocery list!

Facilitate the process of eliminating toxins from your body. Check out this list and its cooking tips, and be sure to download a PDF copy that can be clipped to your fridge door as a daily reminder. For a nice blend of some of the foods mentioned here, prepare this Healthy Careers recipe: Chicken Pitas Stuffed with Indian Spiced Salad.    

  • Blueberries: They get their vibrant color from Anthocyanin, which helps neutralize free radicals and the unstable molecules linked to cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Blueberries also contain dietary fiber, great for weight control. Cooking tip: Harsh cooking methods decrease antioxidant compounds. Raw blueberries are best!
  • Crucifers: Broccoli is #1 in the crucifer family, followed closely by cabbage, kale and brussels sprouts!  Cleansing phytochemicals are released when they're chopped, cooked or digested. Cooking tip: Broccoli sprouts provide more benefit than regular broccoli as they contain 20 times more sulfurophane, so add plenty of the sprouts to your salads and stirfrys.
  • Flaxseeds are nature’s most concentrated source of lignans, which help clear waste and prevent inflammation. Cooking tip: to maximize absorption, flaxseeds should be ground up in a blender or coffee grinder and added to your yogurt or smoothies.
  • Garlic is a powerful antiviral, antiseptic and antibiotic. It’s also an essential detoxifier that can lower total cholesterol and triglycerides, cleanse the respiratory system and purify the blood. Cooking tip: Crushing garlic releases more of its healthy compounds, so flatten it with a knife before dicing the next time you’re cooking.
  • Green tea: Its catechins are a powerful antioxidant that can assist with the detoxification process. Cooking tip: steep a green tea bag in water and add it to your bowl of oatmeal or steamed rice for an extra antioxidant boost!
  • Onions: They protect the body from oxidative stress. Cooking tip: the outer layers are packed with the highest concentration of healthful compounds, so don’t peel away too many layers!
  • Red grapes: They contain resveratrol, a phytonutrient that’s linked to healthy aging, disease prevention and longevity. Cooking tip: Because of their thin skins, grapes contain more types of pesticides than any other fruit, so be extra thorough when you wash them!
  • Soy: It’s rich in vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant in detox reactions in your body. Plus, its isoflavones are involved in detox reactions. Cooking tip: the easiest soy additions to your healthy recipes come in the form of edamame and soy milk.
  • Turmeric: Its been relied upon for centuries to treat liver and digestive problems and serves as an anti-inflammatory. Cooking tip: If you can’t find the turmeric root (it looks like bright orange ginger), settle for the best thing: ground turmeric in the spice aisle or curry powder.
  • Yogurt: It’s is an excellent source of probiotics for healthy liver and kidney function. Cooking tip: Use plain Greek yogurt to add a creamy richness to your pan sauces and marinades.

Healthy Careers Start in the Kitchen

Get cooking with these super ingredients that tickle the taste buds and stunt the aging process. The anti-inflammatory, cancer fighting benefits of these super foods are sure to please in dozens of healthy recipes, worth passing on to your family and even enjoying yourself when you're on the road with your travel nursing jobs. Enjoy!

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